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Topics: Literary Analysis , Metonymy. AP Literature Everyone passes! Frankenstein Analysis Prompts Directions: While you are reading Frankenstein outside of class answer the following questions in complete paragraphs based on the following parameters: -Type your responses in MLA format, double-spaced, Times New Roman. In the nineteenth century, passion began to rise in esteem against reason.

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Frankenstein is recognized to be one of the Gothic novel expressions and it is suited for a lot of characteristics found in a Romantic novel. All of the elements have to be considered that have a story that includes the settings, tone, narrative voice, character development, and others that contribute to the identity of the novel being a Gothic text. Then, the message of Shelley is offered, if you think it was her intention to convey one to readers. If you think that the novel is only for entertainment, prove your claim using evidence. However, there are several questions that need to be asked so that a deeper understanding of the novel is developed.

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Mary Shelley displays a form of horror and suspense with a dash of Romanticism in her novel, Frankenstein. It contains a gloomy and dark setting to also create a better understanding and familiarity between the main character known as Victor Frankenstein and the creature. Being written in the time of the Romantic era, Shelley uses vivid language to portray her objection of the Enlightenment age as […].
The women almost seem like they are foils to the reckless Frankenstein who sustains a selfish and unhealthy frame of mind throughout his life. In this novel, Shelley presents women as beings of eternal happiness for men, sacrifice, and interestingly, beings who can conceive evil through reproduction. Due to irresponsible actions that Victor undertook, women become the objects of revenge and receive the wrath of his actions.

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