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Any text you input will be converted to a mono-space font and any formatting you may have done bullets, tabs, etc. In addition, if you cut and paste your essay from Word, some characters may not translate properly. Before submitting an essay online, we strongly recommend that you compose and save your essay in a program that uses a mono-spaced font like NotePad , then copy and paste it into the ApplyTexas essays submission text box. Before you submit, you will be asked to review your essay.

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"Can my UT-Austin Essay A and Short Answers Be Longer Than and Words?" — Tex Admissions

You can submit more than words for Essay A and more than for each Short Answer. Neither Apply Texas nor the Coalition Application have hard word limits. For Apply Texas, Essay A can be 80 lines of characters each. To reiterate, YES you can submit more than words on Essay A if you need the extra word space. If it fits, you can submit. Do you have words worth of critical, necessary, and interesting content that you need to communicate? If not, then write more concisely, economically, and directly to make your same points in less words.

ApplyTexas Essay Prompts 2020-2021

This question comes up a lot. Mainly because the application allows for up to eighty-character lines of text. A typical single-spaced page of average size font is about 50 lines of text. ApplyTexas allows you to enter something more than twice that long; but, I beg of you, do not take them up on that! As the ApplyTexas application becomes more and more popular more than 1.
Born from the collaboration between the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and various public and private universities around the state, ApplyTexas is a wide-spanning application that allows its users to apply to hundreds of Texan colleges. Like the Common App, it offers a platform for students—natively Texan or not—to send off the same information to many schools, although each school may require differing additional information. Unlike the Common App, ApplyTexas may be used to apply to the community colleges, public four-years, participating private schools, graduate programs, and even scholarships within Texan borders. Check out our full list of Texan colleges. As for the ApplyTexas essays, there are three main prompts — prompts A, B, and C — but some colleges will only require some, keep others optional, or not accept certain prompts at all.

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