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You are, of course, free to add your own analysis and understanding of the plot or themes to them for your essay. The second epigraph is from an essay by Jonathan Swift that tackles the issue of poor families raising multiple children. The third epigraph is an Islamic proverb. Together, these three epigraphs establish the tone and allude the thematic direction of the novel. By drawing from three distinct cultural and literary traditions with which the reader is probably familiar, Atwood effectively prepares the reader for entrance into a world that is wholly unfamiliar. The epigraphs serve not only as orienting and grounding references, but as guideposts to which the reader can return in order to discern and derive meaning in the text.

Spartacus, a Slave who Led a Revolt

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Is it fair to have slavery? Is it fair to hold people captive and force them to work with no pay? Spartacus, a former slave in the Roman Empire, did not think it was very fair and neither did the other thousands of people that led a revolt with Spartacus against slavery. The goal of this essay is to determine if Spartacus had an impact on the Roman Empire, or if the slave revolt he led was a failure that led to a waste of time and lives.

HIS 129 - Caribbean History: Home

As symbols, cockroaches in this novel are the downtrodden, the minorities, those who have to scurry under the watchful eye of entities far bigger than themselves. They brag, swagger, make threats, rebel against society, practice violence, are vulgar, and of course, are with a lot of women. They are described based on their looks and rarely their deeds. Another interesting alternative or take on this topic might be to explore the intersection of gender roles and tradition, Latin American Chicano and otherwise. If you follow this route, make note of the references to both old traditional culture and pop culture.
Their plan was to move systematically from plantation to plantation in Southampton and kill all white people connected to slavery, including men, women, and children1. The six men gathered by a pond in Southampton, Virginia. Nat's four tested supporters, plus two new recruits.

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