Coke versus pepsi case study

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In our last logo design case study post we looked at The UN Logo and shared some thoughts and ideas about it. People have different palettes and like different things. Something that can be settled though, is why Coca Cola have consistently trumped Pepsi in the soda market. Both Pepsi and Coca Cola are huge corporations with a lot of other brand names under their respective umbrellas. I believe that where Coca Cola have succeeded and Pepsi have failed, is with their branding. For over years, Coca Cola have used the same logo.

Coke v Pepsi Case Study

Coke Vs Pepsi Case Study Free Essays

Economic People can afford to buy more soft drinks under current economic situation. Recessions do not seem to affect sales of CSD. Although produced by main market players soft carbonated drinks cost more than similar products of local and private label manufacturers, consumers are willing to pay an extra price for the name, particular taste, and image. However, some foreign markets proved to be highly competitive. Exploiting superior and internal processes — Internal processes within the diversified cooperation can be more efficient that of its competitors.

Essay about Case Study on Coke versus Pepsi

In: Business and Management. A company can make poor investment decisions and still remain profitable, but only for a time. A company cannot continually make poor investment decisions and remain profitable forever. When looking at the Coke vs Pepsi case study, we find that Doug Ivester, then CEO of Coke, made a bad investment decision when he chose to increase the rate charged for syrup to franchisers. As a result, bottlers raised prices to improve profitability, and in turn there was a decrease in overall sales volume.
Hence we assume this to be a situation of duopoly. The 2 companies sell products which are very close substitutes and are constantly fighting for greater market share. A person may buy a Coke product instead of a Pepsi one, and vice versa. The objective of both is to maximize their profit.

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