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An urban legend is a fictional story rooted in modern popular culture. They can take the form of an elaborate joke or hoax, a rumor gone too far, unsolved mysteries and crimes, popular misconceptions or beliefs, and so on. Some urban legends may be completely plausible, while others may have supernatural elements that make them less believable or clearly not true. Either way, their truthfulness is always questionable, but perhaps also difficult to disprove. So, throughout history, people had no way to prove whether a legend was true or false!

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They are mostly always inspired by a true story but tend to change in the course of transmission from one person to another. Moreover, it is hard to follow back an urban legend to its source, this is because it seems to come from everywhere with slight variation each time. James M. Thematically, they are characterized by some elements of horror, warning embarrassment, humor, appeal to empathy and morality. Their unexpected twists though always weird, are sometimes so reasonable enough to be taken as the truth.

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Anybody who has ever been to a slumber party has heard some version of the Bloody Mary urban legend. There are a lot of variations, but all involve turning off the lights, grabbing a candle or flashlight, staring into the dark abyss of the mirror, and attempting to invoke a malevolent spirit to emerge and mutilate you and your friends. Some people report the story having religious connotations, others say her name must be chanted a certain number of times, or just until her ghostly form appears. Often Bloody Mary is headless, sometimes she comes out of the mirror to scratch your face off, and in other versions she sucks you into the spirit realm. Spoiler alert: the only thing that will happen from chanting "Bloody Mary" into the mirror is you might get a little spooked.
Many of us have at least once heard ancient legends about gods, fairies, giants, the creation of the world, the apocalypse, Ragnarok, and other similar stories. Originating from the times when people had no scientific methods of scrutinizing and comprehending the world around them, these myths and legends served as a way of explaining the mysterious phenomena for the mind of an ancient person surrounding them. What is a rainbow if not a bridge to Asgard? How could all the diversity of nature appear if not created by the gods?

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