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Visitors to Andersonville National Historic Site frequently inquire about prisoner escapes. Escapes are a major part of our popular culture, as films like "The Great Escape," and even "Escape From Alcatraz" or "The Shawshank Redemption" have ingrained into collective memory the heroic adventures of a prison escape. This is especially true at Andersonville. Even before the movie, "Andersonville," which featured an escape from the prison stockade, tales of tunnels and runaway prisoners being tracked by hounds are nearly as old as the prison itself. The Wirz Trial was filled with testimony about the techniques used to track down escaped prisoners and the punishments doled out those recaptured.

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They are very destructive and there is one major way to stop them. The best way to stop a wildfire is to make sure that you keep long dead grass and bushes gone, so the fire will not spread. They are usually very small in Michigan, but some of the major wildfires are located in California. Earthquakes are occurring everywhere. Nonetheless, four hundred new prisoners arrived daily, and by the time summer ended, the camp contained thirty-three thousand citizens, which made Andersonville the fifth largest city in the Confederacy Davis ; Savage

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Please join StudyMode to read the full document. It held over 45, Union soldiers. Andersonville Prison was the most infamous of all the prison camps because of extreme overcrowding, unsanitary conditions and was commanded by Henry Witz.
Most of the site lies in southwestern Macon County , adjacent to the east side of the town of Andersonville. The prison was created in February and served to April The site was commanded by Captain Henry Wirz , who was tried and executed after the war for war crimes.

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