Circular motion multiple choice homework

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Which vector pair arrow pair correctly represents the acceleration and velocity at point P? If they leave the the same instant, which will hit the ground first? Which will hit the ground farther from the base of the cliff? A ball is thrown into the air at some angle, with initial velocities v x horizontal and v y vertical. A package is dropped from an airplane flying horizontally, where will the package hit the ground?

Chapter 5 - Circular Motion; Gravitation

Mr. Milligan's AP ® Physics C

The maximum tension the rope can stand before breaking is given by. Which of the following represents the ball's linear velocity given that the rope does not break? This is a centripetal force problem. In this case the tension on the rope is the centripetal force that keeps the ball moving on a circle. If we want for the rope not to break, then the tension should never exceed.

centripetal force

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