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Criminal behavior can be defined as any type of disruptive behavior or antisocial behavior that violates a law and is punishable by society. The three main causes of criminal behavior are psychological impacts, sociological influences, and biological factors. Although there are many more factors that can trigger criminal behaviors, they can all be summed up into the never-ending question, nature versus nature? The psychological approach to criminal behavior is categorized into the nurture side.

Rational Choice Theory Of Crime

Biological Theories Of Criminal Behavior |

In conclusion this paper compares and contrasts these two theories with a brief discussion. According to social learning theory, people engage in crime because of their association with others who engage in crime. Criminal behavior is learned in interaction with other persons in a process of communication. The process of learning criminal behavior by association with criminal and anti-criminal patterns involves all of the mechanisms that are involved in any other learning Ashley…. As prior mentioned when one is released from imprisonment an ex offender becomes irresponsible of himself. Therfore rehabilitation works personally with the offender and encourages individual responsibilities.

Exploring Theories of Criminal Behavior

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Running head: Theories of Criminal Behavior Theories of Criminal Behavior Theories of Criminal Behavior The beginning of civilization dawned a new era in which man came together to live amongst one another in relative peace and prosperity. The advent of civilization however also brought about people who choose to live a life outside of societal norms and law, norms and thus was the creation of the criminal. All civilizations tried to suppress and discourage crime by using a multitude of tactics and punishments. Crime, however continued to grow despite these harsh tactics and strict laws.
His observations showed that criminals had certain physical features which included masculine jaws and sloping foreheads. Despite taking a more analytical approach his reasoning was flawed because of his improper methodology. In most research in our present time, scientists test a hypothesis with experimentation.

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