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It was painted in June of and has grown to be known as one of his most famous paintings. Van Gogh was a post-impressionist and painted Starry Night from memory in his apartment. The view is of a village from a window in an asylum. I would sleep over there during the summer since I was about two years old for a about a week at a time. Since I was little I remember starring at the painting. I was always the first one up in the mornings and I would just lay in the living room and stare at the painting.

Starry Night Analysis

Descriptive Of The Starry Night - Words | Bartleby

Vincent Van Gogh uses many techniques to develop such a beautiful and captivating scene. Colors have a big impact on the outcome of the painting. He creates such a contrast with the light and dark colors. The choices of colors make each object stand out from the rest in the painting. Brushstrokes also vastly scene throughout the canvas. In the painting if you see the sky , you can see the brush strokes and how small he made them, and when I see something related to the way an artist created their art, it intrigues. So first the color which symbolizes heart or the beauty of any artwork, means living breath of an artwork.

Van Gogh case and “Starry Night” description

I also found out information on one of his famous paintings, Starry Night. My goal for this essay is to provide information and insight into both van Gogh and Starry Night. Vincent Willem van Gogh was a post impressionist. Van Gogh had wanted to paint something that represented the night sky for some time, but many people are interested to find out that Van Gogh actually painted The Starry Night during his time at Saint-Paul-de-Mausole, an asylum and clinic for the mentally ill.
He uses the lines free and loose making it an expression of his contour lines. The spacing between the stars and the curving contours making it a dot to dot effect. He writes to his brother about his painting almost as if he would be confused himself about the painting.

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